Toto Wolff on whether Haas is somewhat copying Ferrari

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In 2022 Haas has seen tremendous improvement, which prompted some to suggest that the car is somewhat copying Ferrari, a team with which they share a technical partnership.

Some of the teams have sought clarification from the FIA regarding the legality of Haas’ car, so ahead of the Australian Grand Prix, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff was asked if he thinks the car is too similar to the Ferrari.

“Oh, difficult question,” Wolff said.

“I mean, Haas has made a huge jump from being last, the way they were into being… having been solid and into Q3, I think, in Bahrain. So that’s an interesting step.

“For us, it’s a learning exercise, because as an organisation, we have 2000 people and we’ve been successful in the past, and suddenly you’re fighting a team that’s much smaller in size.

“So, they must have done a super job.”

Wolff was then asked if he thinks technical partnerships between smaller and bigger teams should be further regulated, taking into account that the budget cap is somewhat levelling the playing field.

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“I think it needs reform, because we want to avoid these kinds of discussions that we have now, the polemic around the last few days or last few weeks.

“Everybody deserves to perform well, and people should get credit when they’ve done a good job.

“But some of the job-hopping or entity-hopping on the same premises is just creating arguments that are not necessary for the sport.

“So definitely for us, you know, we have Aston Martin in the wind tunnel that we had two years ago. Quite a shitstorm about that. We have been handling them with the utmost diligence.

“But going forward, if we were to need to compromise our, let’s say, income ability, we need to do this, because none of the teams should be able to cooperate in a way that we’re seeing today, with some of the teams,” Wolff concluded.

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