Toto Wolff on why Mercedes will not change their development strategy

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Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff once again says his team is sticking to their plan to shift focus to the development of their 2022 car.

There has been a lot of talk about Mercedes not developing any further updates for the W12, due to a shift in focus to their 2022 car.

Despite criticism that the decision might allow Red Bull to walk away with the championship, Toto Wolff is sticking to his guns.

“No, until the end of the year we don’t come up with aerodynamic updates,” Wolff told Autosprint.

“We have stopped the development of our current car for months. The last update we finished in the spring was used at the British Grand Prix.

“Those changes have worked out well, improving our performance. We have made a step forward and we have confidence in the second part of the season.”

The Austrian then explained how the decision was made because of the big rule changes that are coming in 2022 and the fact that the car developed for next year will determine the team’s future for the next few years.

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Because of this Wolff says Mercedes will not change its decision even if the cost is losing out to Red Bull in 2021.

“There is an important battle, but you have to always look at the short and long-term and try to find the balance.

“The regulations from next year are going to have a very big impact and that regulation is going to count for longer than just a championship.

“That’s a factor that should not be forgotten. If you’re behind next season, it could take a very long time to close the gap on the competition.

“That is why we are sticking to our chosen strategy to continue development [for] next year.

“We will never change our strategy due to external factors or those of other teams,” concluded Mercedes’ team boss.

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