Toto Wolff responds to Horner’s abuse claims: “I almost shed a tear”

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Christian Horner recently complained about other F1 teams accusing Red Bull of cheating. Toto Wolff says Horner is “demonstrating some kind of reverse psychology”.

At the United States Grand Prix Saturday press conference, Christian Horner complained about other Formula 1 teams accusing Red Bull of cheating, leading to the team being on “public trial”, without evidence.

Horner called these accusations “shocking”, and even said the children of Red Bull’s employees are being bullied because of them.

Afterwards, Sky Germany asked Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff to give his comments on Horner’s words.

“I almost shed a tear when I heard that,” the Austrian said.

“The fact is that nine out of ten teams stayed under the cost cap. The fact is that one team is now arguing that they slipped over with supposed non-performance issues. But then again, [the cost cap rules] apply to all of us.

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“Whether it’s a million, two or five, it’s a cash benefit that you can translate into development.”

Toto went on to say that the real victims in this situation are the other teams who respected the budget cap.

“He is demonstrating some kind of reverse psychology. The question arises – who is the victim in this situation, again?

“I believe it is the nine other teams, not the one we are just discussing,” Wolff concluded.

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