Toto Wolff reveals why Lewis Hamilton signed ‘only’ a two-year deal

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Toto Wolff explains why Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes both decided against a long-term deal and settled on a two-year contract.

Last week Lewis Hamilton finally signed a new two-year contract with Mercedes, which means he will drive for the team at least until the end of 2025.

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff explains why they both decided against a long-term deal.

“This is a dynamic environment and signing a five-year contract means that you need to discuss about [if] there is any escape clause in case we’re not providing him with a car that is performing,” the Austrian told Sky Sports F1.

“So, we didn’t entertain that. We said we see the foreseeable future is two years. And that’s what we are committing to each other.”

Toto added Lewis’ relationship with Mercedes is likely extend beyond his active driving career.

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“I think first of all, his role with the team will go on for a longer period even when he decides not to drive anymore.”

The Austrian also said he would not stop a driver from moving to another team.

“I believe in the fact that if it’s of benefit for both parties, then you’re staying together. We need to make a quick car, we need a quick driver.

“Like a very famous football coach once told me, if a good player wants to go elsewhere then he’s never stopped him going elsewhere.

“So, when somebody wants to move either the team or the driver then you’ve just got to move,” Wolff concluded.

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