Toto Wolff ‘rubs it in’ to Red Bull’s Christian Horner

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Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff playfully gloated after Lewis Hamilton scored a fantastic win at the 2020 Spanish Grand Prix.

After the race Wolff could be seen chatting with Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner, who congratulated him on a great win. Later, when asked by Sky Sports F1 what the chat was about, the Austrian poked fun at the rivalry between the two.

“You know when you have such a great win, you can properly rub it in,” said Wolff.

“There is still a rivalry but I respect Christian and he has done a great job over the 15 years he has been in the sport.

“What makes me the happiest is after the difficult weekend in Silverstone on very hot tarmac we have been able to recover, take the right conclusions and win in the same conditions.

“And that comes down to the great work being done in the factory. From the aero team to the simulation guys, everybody at the engineering side, it shows the strength of the team.”

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Wolff also praised Hamilton’s spectacular performance.

“At the moment, Hamilton drives in a league of his own. He has it totally under control.

“He switched back on the engine to save some mileage for races that will be more difficult and the most special thing for me at the end was we were ready to put softs on at the end and it was the logical choice, but Lewis said ‘don’t give me the softs, give me the mediums’.

“You can see that the softs lost Valtteri [Bottas’] race. We put the softs on Valtteri and logically he would have caught up on Verstappen and you at least have a fight, but the tyre had no grip.

“Lewis just had an absolutely instinctive understanding,” concluded Wolff.

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