Toto Wolff says Christian Horner “wouldn’t fit in the group” at Mercedes

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Toto Wolff talks about the search for his successor at Mercedes and says Red Bull team boss Christian Horner is “a good racing team manager”, but “wouldn’t fit in the group”.

Ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff talked about his current motivation levels and his search for his successor.

“I’m running at 100 per cent,” the Austrian said.

“I’m actually really well balanced when I have problems to solve. What’s not good for me is contentment. What’s not good is boredom. What’s not good is groundhog day.

“That’s when I get really bad. In 2020 I wasn’t good at all. I mean, Covid didn’t help.

“But it was important at that time to reflect, is this my niche? Is this what I want to continue to do to the end of my business life?

“In the end, I came to the conclusion ‘I love this sport, I love the competition, I love the honesty of the stopwatch.’ That’s why I couldn’t believe what was happening in Abu Dhabi.

“But this is my team. I’m a third shareholder. I don’t want to sell it. I want to run it in an executive function. Maybe I’ll find a team principal that is better than me.”

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Wolff then revealed he doesn’t have his successor in mind yet.

“I wish I would come across someone that would fit into the organisation. It’s not necessarily whether I think someone is capable intellectually, or understanding the sport.

“It also needs to be fitting into the group. Because if you’re parachuting someone in that isn’t respected in the group, he’s going to struggle. So far I haven’t found anybody.”

When jokingly asked if his rival Christian Horner could fit the bill, Toto replied with a smile:

“I think that Christian is very capable. He’s a really good racing team manager.

“But he wouldn’t fit in the group,” he concluded.

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