Toto Wolff says Hamilton and Russell are the best, if given “the right car”

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Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff says Lewis Hamilton and George Russell are the best line-up in Formula 1 right now, “if we give them the right car”.

There’s no doubt that the line-up of Lewis Hamilton and George Russell is one of the best ones in Formula 1 today.

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff, however, was asked if the believes it is actually THE best current F1 line-up.

“If we give them the right car, yes,” the Austrian said.

“I think there’s a few others, Max [Verstappen], you cannot doubt him. He’s already one of the best drivers. If you give our [drivers] a great car, then we’ll be right there.”

While Lewis’ performance in 2023, in a difficult car, has been superb, George had some ups and downs throughout the year.

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However, after the summer break he seemed to get back into his groove.

“Everybody needs some feedback. He’s a very strong character and he came out of the summer [break] very strong,” Toto continued.

“He changed his approach a little bit and that was good. Then it swung the other way around. Lewis performed in an extraordinary way but I think these swings they happen.

“They happen from track to track with this fragile cars, you know you can come from a very good weekend to a very bad suddenly.

“Everyone needs an arm around the shoulder. I have my wife who puts an arm around my shoulder,” he concluded.

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