Toto Wolff says Hamilton “was very special” amid Mercedes’ struggles

© Steve Etherington for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd.

Toto Wolff says when he was down due to Mercedes’ 2022 struggles, Lewis Hamilton was “the most positive person in the room” and “building everyone up”.

After the initial shock of realizing that they were not as competitive as they expected, Mercedes had to get used to the new situation.

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff says Lewis Hamilton also had to go through a period of “acceptance of this as the new reality”, but after that he became one of the most positive voices in the team.

“That’s certainly not a joyful experience, but after the first few races, he was very special,” Wolff told

“He got settled in a situation that was all about how can we move this car back to the front.

“And even when I was not at my best, he was the most positive person in the room, building everyone up even if driving this car is a handful.”

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Lewis then became the go to driver for testing of various experimental solutions and set-ups, in an effort to pull Mercedes out of a slump they found themselves in.

“In December, we raced for a world championship, and four months later, we have a car that is not championship material.

“So everyone – drivers, engineers, management – need to just find the ground and say, OK, this is the reality now, what are we doing about it?

“You can’t just flip the switch and say, OK, no problem, we’re going to work ourselves out of it,” the Austrian concluded.

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