Toto Wolff says he will not ask Hamilton to move over for Russell

© Jiri Krenek for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd.

Toto Wolff says Mercedes will “100 per cent” allow Lewis Hamilton and George Russell to race, “until a driver is mathematically out of contention”.

Ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff was asked if he would ask Lewis Hamilton to move over for George Russell, considering the points difference between them.

“No. 100 per cent no,” Wolff said before the question was even finished.

“100 per cent we will allow them to race. Until a driver is mathematically out of contention, we’re not making such a call.”

Asked if he would think differently if Hamilton was ahead, Toto immediately said: “It makes no difference.”

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Wolff was then asked if it was just the adrenaline talking when, after Hamilton’s amazing recovery drive at the Spanish Grand Prix, he said Mercedes had the “fastest car in the race”?

“Absolutely I meant it. You know, ultimately I’m a pessimist by nature. For me the glass is half-empty, not half full.

“But [Barcelona] was the first time that I saw a performance of a car and driver like in the past years.

“When you look at Imola, we got stuck in no man’s land, and we couldn’t overtake. In Spain Lewis was 30-odd seconds behind the last car in the field and he finished fourth.

“So that is a car that is capable of winning a race,” the Austrian concluded.

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