Toto Wolff says he’d be “dead in the Maldives” without his F1 work

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Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff says the thought of retiring from Formula 1 hasn’t crossed his mind, adding that “the team is capable of turning things around”.

In 2022 Mercedes is facing the worst on-track performance crisis since the turbo hybrid era started back in 2014.

It’s not surprising then, that team boss Toto Wolff was asked by journalists if he has been considering retirement at any point this year.

However, Wolff dismissed the idea of cashing in and retiring to the Maldives.

“The problem is that I’m dead in the Maldives without what I’m doing here,” the Austrian said.

“The activity in the team, developing the team, is what I really enjoy. Formula 1 is booming. On the revenue side, things are going very well and this is what I actually want to do all my life.

“In that respect, the question hasn’t arisen until now to say: ‘that’s it’. It would be like a project manager or an employee saying: ‘I’ve done this now, I’ll go out with the best record and that’s it’.

“But it doesn’t stop with me. It’s going on.”

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Wolff was then asked if he thinks Mercedes’ staff had lost their ‘mojo’, considering that they might have missed the mark with their 2022 challenger.

“My spontaneous answer would be: you can’t unlearn it. But then the track teaches us something else.

“It’s also about always staying humble, and that’s what we are, and saying: ‘Shit, we really got it wrong.’ You have to accept that now.

“Where did we go wrong? In my time, we did eight out of eight strikes and now we’ve really gone wrong. It’s not like we’re just three tenths off.

“But in terms of our personality development, and the values in our team, as bad as it feels, this is an important development. There is no one who is infallible. We’re seeing that right now.

“But the team is capable of turning things around,” concluded Wolff.

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