Toto Wolff says it was “difficult to cope” with Mercedes’ 2022 issues

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Toto Wolff says Mercedes felt “lost” in the beginning stages of the 2022 season, because their “top engineers” didn’t understand “why the data are not correlating with reality”.

In a talk with, Toto Wolff opened up about the struggles Mercedes was going through in the first part of the 2022 season.

“The truth is, it’s just so painful and it’s so difficult to live by your values and your doubt,” the Austrian said.

“You oscillate from depression to exuberance, and then the next day the other way around. And in a way that when you kind of think nothing that you do works, a bit of Groundhog Day.

“Then you make steps forward by looking at things and finding out they don’t function at all, and then you know what doesn’t go, and you go the other way and it functions.

“All the things I’ve preached, all the things that you read in books that it’s so hard, that it is so important to lose in order to thrive. It’s just lived in real life so far.”

Asked if he agreed that the pain they felt would benefit Mercedes in the long-term, Toto said:

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“I’d rather not have been there, [but] we managed to turn around. Some things are more trivial than you think. Other things were important to get on top of [such as] the porpoising, which we have none today.

“From an engineering standpoint, that was certainly valuable. But for all of us, from a human standpoint, professional human standpoint, it was very difficult to cope.

“Because if the top engineers don’t really understand why the data are not correlating with reality that’s not easy. You’re lost.

“But it’s not the feeling of complete being lost. But you’re thinking, how long is this going to take to comprehend? Because we have a next season approaching.

“You’re like, ‘we need to get on top of this quickly, because next season’s car needs to get out of the blocks.’,” Wolff concluded.

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