Toto Wolff says Lewis Hamilton is “no contractor anymore”

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Toto Wolff says “in the past you would call drivers contractors”, but in the case of Lewis Hamilton “there is no contractor anymore”, just “a driver who is part of the team”.

At the United States Grand Prix, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff talked about Lewis Hamilton’s contribution to the team during the hard days of 2022.

“His development as a human being is unbelievable,” the Austrian said.

“Driving the car, we are all seeing what he’s capable of doing. But on the other side, how he develops to support the team in our tough days, that has really had a tremendous impact.

“Because when we are down normally it’s the driver who is really dragging everybody down. But in our case it was the opposite.

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“He came back into the engineering room whether he had a bad race or we really screwed up with the strategy and has been picking up the people.”

Toto then explained how Lewis is not a ‘driver for hire’ anymore, but a true part of the team.

“In the past you would call drivers contractors – they come, get the paycheck, they leave, go to the next place. Like footballers.

“But in our case there is no contractor anymore. This is a driver who is part of the team, is like all the other team members and respects the collective input.

“It’s fantastic to see that development,” Wolff concluded.

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