Toto Wolff says Lewis Hamilton is still “the best that has ever been”

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Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff dismisses claims that Lewis Hamilton is not as good as he was, and points to Barcelona, where Lewis “was the genius that we know”.

During the Azerbaijan Grand Prix weekend, British Channel 4 suggested to Toto Wolff that George Russell outperforming Lewis Hamilton in terms of results, could be an indication that the seven-time champion was not as good as he once was.

The Mercedes team boss completely dismissed such claims.

“No, I don’t think it’s like that, he is the best that has ever been,” Wolff said.

“Between Abu Dhabi in 2021, dominating the last third of the season, to four months later, you are not losing your ability.”

Wolff the pointed to the Spanish Grand Prix, and Lewis’ amazing performance there, as proof that he hasn’t lost a step.

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“How they appear to me, both of them [Russell and Hamilton], it’s very professional. They have been given a car that is a bit sub-par, each of them tries to develop the car further.

“They have both gone [in] a different set-up direction, Lewis [in Azerbaijan Grand Prix qualifying] again very experimental, but can be available in the long term.

“I think as long as the car is not good enough to really be racing at the front, the differences are small and I don’t think you can have a pattern saying ‘George is continuously outperforming Lewis’ or the other way around.

“We have seen Lewis in Barcelona, he was the genius that we know, so I think what I enjoy is them working together and trying to bring the car back to the front,” Wolff concluded.

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