Toto Wolff says Mercedes is lacking “2 or 3 tenths in performance”

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Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff says his team is “still lacking these two- or three-tenths in performance” to be able to “challenge for the front”.

Although Mercedes’ pace has been greatly improved at the Austrian and especially British Grand Prix, Toto Wolff says the team is still not able to challenge Ferrari and Red Bull.

“When you look at the result, and motorsport is results-driven, so P3 and P4 is OK,” Wolff said after the Austrian Grand Prix.

“But we’re still lacking these two- or three-tenths in performance. Overall, the car was much quicker today. But not quick enough to really challenge for the front yet.”

Asked what is costing Mercedes these two- to three-tenths, Wolff said it was just “pure performance”.

“The porpoising, I think we got on top of. I think if we were to go back to Monaco and to Baku, we wouldn’t be great, but for sure not have the problems that we’ve seen a few weeks ago.”

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Overall, Wolff was happy with Mercedes’ performance is Austria, as it’s a track that the team has usually struggled on in previous years.

“This is never a happy track for us in Austria. Predominantly over the last eight years, if we’ve been successful in the championships, this was the one track where we would have struggled.

“From that perspective, I’m OK with how it went. In a way, on Saturday we were really stuck in no man’s land.

“I think on Sunday, maybe stuck in no man’s land from the positioning on the track, but the lap times were at least competitive.

“On Saturday we were losing half a second every single lap,” the Austrian concluded.

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