Toto Wolff says Mercedes is looking at Red Bull’s “bendy wing” data

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Toto Wolff says Mercedes is “looking at the data” gathered after the FIA placed locator dots on the rear wings of the cars running in Azerbaijan.

Toto Wolff already announced that Mercedes could protest Red Bull’s “bendy” rear wing if the FIA doesn’t take action to assess its legality during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix weekend.

Although the FIA announced they will start performing additional tests on cars from the French Grand Prix in June, they have already placed locator dots on the rear wings of the cars running in Azerbaijan, to detect how much the wings flex.

Red Bull has also threatened to protest Mercedes’ wings, as they claim they are also “bendy”. Toto Wolff says Mercedes is now looking at the data gathered during free practice.

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“We are now looking at the data from the wings, to see if everything matches up with the rear wing,” the Austrian told Sky Sports Italia.

“We will now look at the stickers to see how much the wings move. If we see that there are wings that are too flexible we will definitely take action, but it is still too early for that.

“We will see what happens, it could indeed be that Red Bull will also make a protest against us, then we will all make a protest and we will see what will be decided.

“But again, let’s see what the data and images say first. It is too early to say, but there will be more clarity in these days.

“It makes sense for both us and Red Bull to look at each other, to see how the other will slow down,” concluded Wolff.

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