Toto Wolff says Mercedes “need to be faultless” to win the 2021 title

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Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff says Red Bull has “the faster package at the moment”, but “there is a long way to go” in the 2021 championship.

For the first time since 2013 Red Bull managed to get ahead of Mercedes in both the drivers’ and the constructors’ championship standings.

While Toto Wolff acknowledges that the Austrian team is better at the moment, he also knows what his team needs to do, to be able to fight them.

“They have the faster package at the moment and we need to utilise our tools and our intelligence to understand our car, the tyres and what it needs to deploy,” Wolff said.

“Then we need to be faultless and I believe if we can align those stars we can win the championship.

“Whatever the pole positions or victories that anybody has at this stage, we are just into one-third of the championship, there is a long way to go.

“Yeah, they have three pole positions [overall this season], but three out of eight is not so much is it?

“It is completely open but in a way from a pure data standpoint, their package is simply quicker at the moment.”

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The Austrian also acknowledges that the 2021 rules that favour high-rake cars have definitely hindered Mercedes and helped Red Bull.

“We know how the technical direction has evolved for 2021 and we have been on the receiving side. Fact.”

However, Wolff once again says the situation in the 2021 championship will not change Mercedes’ decision to focus their energy on the 2022 car and the new Formula 1 regulations.

“We continue to stick to our principle of putting our resource into 2022 with all the consequences that it can have in 2021. But this is a long game. We are not looking at a single race or a single result.

“We are trying to optimise every single year and having said that, we just need to do the best with our package and it is not a secret, there is a trend,” concluded Mercedes’ team boss.

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