Toto Wolff says the Mercedes/Red Bull title fight “is now MMA”

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Toto Wolff says he feels no pressure in Mercedes’ battle with Red Bull, as that pressure “is ridiculous compared to what I had in my personal life”.

The battle between Mercedes and Red Bull is heating up on and off the track. At the Qatar Grand Prix Friday press conference Toto Wolff was asked if he is feeling the pressure as the season approaches its end.

“I don’t feel pressure,” the Austrian said.

“I think I’ve felt pressure in my life at various other points that is ridiculous compared to what I had in my personal life, number one.

“I’m very passionate about it and I protect my tribe and my driver and when things are going against me you will see the emotions. You need to be authentic about it.”

Wolff also commented on the verbal battle between the two teams.

“As far as the punches between the teams, there are many great people working in Red Bull and obviously many great people working in Mercedes and it’s a hell of a fight.

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“There is a respect for the capability that Red Bull has, definitely. And it’s clear that this is tough.

“It’s the World Championship of the highest category in motor racing and what started as Olympic boxing went to pro boxing and is now MMA, but that’s OK.

“We are in the ring there trying to do the best job possible, elbows are allowed now because the rules say so and gloves are off and nothing else is to be expected.”

Ultimately Wolff says a battle on all levels is expected when you’re fighting for such an important championship.

“The fight happens on all levels – political, sporting, technical. That’s clear.

“I think that whoever wins this championship at the end of the year, Driver and Constructors, merits the win, because it was on a very high level,” concluded Mercedes’ team boss.

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