Toto Wolff still thinks “there’s a short term fix” for the W13

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Toto Wolff thinks “there’s a short term fix that’s making us much more competitive”, and he hopes “to get the car in the right position for the second half of the year”.

After another weekend of not being able to compete with the top teams in terms of pace, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff says there are “no holy cows” as the team re-examines the W13 and its current concept.

“I think we are looking at all possible solutions under the leadership of Mike Elliot,” the Austrian explained.

“He’s a really strong technical director, and there are no holy cows. Everything is being looked at and we will for sure bring the car back on track.

“If things cannot be solved in the short term, because they’re conceptual, then they will be sorted out over the next few months.”

Wolff added that the team understands where their problems are, but they are still searching for solutions.

“I think we know what the root cause of our lack of performance is, but we don’t have the answers yet of what the best solution will be.

“This is what we are experimenting with at the moment. I still think there’s a short term fix that’s making us much more competitive, but it might not explain everything.

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“I’d like to get the car in the right position for the second half of the year and also for next year. The learning is more key than short-term optimisation for the weekend.”

Mercedes seemed to make some progress at the Spanish Grand Prix, especially with porpoising, but in Monaco and Azerbaijan, they again weren’t as competitive.

“I think we made a really good step in Barcelona for a circuit that is with a smooth surface. So less bumps, we’re fine.

“I think we have a good car and we were able to unlock the performance in the race, but in qualifying we were lacking a bit.

“That’s easy to explain, because we’ve had now two months that we were trying to solve the porpoising and not being able to add baseline performance, and that bites us a bit.

“For us we understand: we understand what’s going on. We understand also what we need to do.

“And it means, in a way, Montreal is a really good race for us next week because Montreal is bouncy, Montreal it’s a high kerb ride.

“And after Montreal I expect to have a better view,” Wolff concluded.

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