Toto Wolff talks about Mercedes’ current situation and next steps

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After he said Mercedes can “throw our car in the trash can”, team boss Toto Wolff talks about the what the next steps will be.

After the difficulties Mercedes faced as the Bahrain Grand Prix, team boss Toto Wolff was blunt in assessing the team’s current situation.

“We can throw our car in the trash can,” the Austrian told ORF radio after the race.

Afterwards, the Österreich newspaper talked to Wolff and asked him how much he ‘suffered’ during the season-opening weekend.

“With my sporting aspirations, it was bad to see we were behind,” Wolff said.

“We don’t want to finish second, we want to win. But there is one team miles ahead. They play with the competition, they don’t even have tire wear.”

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Asked what Mercedes will do now, Toto said: “You have to face reality and look for solutions.”

As for what Mercedes can do until the next race in Saudi Arabia, Wolff said:

“We can at least do better and see how we can get out of the unfavourable situation we got ourselves into.

“Last year our car got better and better and still won races. That’s why we decided to stick with the concept. Then you start the new season and suddenly you see that nothing works.”

The Österreich then asked Wolff if the team can change their ‘slim sidepods’ concept quickly.

“That could be done, but you can’t just merrily mount sidepods on the car. It’s all about the airflow. Our car was lean but not fast.”

Asked if he thinks Red Bull has the 2023 championship in the bag, Toto said:

“After the first Grand Prix, I also believe that they will win every race this year.”

The Österreich then reminded Toto that he told ServusTV about wanting to fight for the World Championship again, to which he replied:

“Yes, but I didn’t mean this year. This year that is no longer the case,” the Austrian concluded.

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