Toto Wolff talks challenges of a reduced F1 calendar

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Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff says a shorter 15  to 18 race Championship will present F1 teams with a new set of challenges.

Formula 1 will return on July 5, but the season will be significantly shorter and more packed with double-header and triple-header races. What was originally supposed to be the longest Formula 1 season in history, will now be a shorter 15 to 18 race Championship.

Toto Wolff says this will present team with a whole new set of challenges.

“First of all this new calendar and the Coronavirus throws some new challenges at us,” explained the Austrian.

“I think reliability is going to be a fundamental part of the opening races. The cars have come out of the container straight from Australia. There is not a lot of time for them on the dynos. We will be using every session to learn.

“The reduced race calendar is a challenge for everybody and again, I think that the team that has the quickest car and the most reliable package will win the Championship.

“Regarding the overseas races: I think it is good that we have a solid European calendar and I would hope the two races in the Middle East at the end of the year are being confirmed soon and then we have to see how every single country develops.

“It is a moving target and I would very much hope that we have a good overseas calendar in the Autumn.”

But Formula 1 is also going through fundamental regulation changes that include aero restrictions and a budget cap. Wolff believes this will allow smaller teams to close the gap to the front-runners over time.

“What has been introduced is a possibility for the lower ranked teams to slowly creep back in terms of development scope to where the leading teams are.

“It’s tiny percentages every year, so it is not going to be a big difference from one year to the other. But it is going to balance the field out after a few years.

“I believe if you are not good enough to win anymore then you have equal opportunity. You are second or third you have more scope than the World Champion.

“I think it was done as a fine adjustment not with a baseball bat,” concluded Wolff.

Source: Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team

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