Toto Wolff talks “polarization” around Lewis Hamilton

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Mercedes boss Toto Wolff says he doesn’t understand why there’s a lot of “polarization” around Lewis Hamilton in his native United Kingdom.

There has been a lot of talk going on about Lewis Hamilton finally getting knighted after winning his sixth Formula 1 world title. However, the Brit was not included on the honors list for 2019, which leaves Wolff a bit puzzled.

“It is difficult for me as an Austrian to understand the importance of the British honor system,” said Wolff.

“It feels like there is a lot of polarization around Lewis, especially in the UK. I don’t know why that is, but I do know that when Lewis stops racing one day, people will recognize his successes and his status as a superstar.

“I think that if people got to know him, even the most skeptical, they would change their minds.”

The Mercedes boss went on to explain how he views celebrity.

“I look at the person behind the image.

“Years ago I was in a pub in Vienna and a Hollywood star came in. There was no space, but the manager of the star asked for space. “Do you have any idea who this is,” he asked the owner. The answer? “We are all superstars in our own way,” after which he showed them both.

“When I interact with people, I don’t care who they are at all. I respect how they are. How they deal with certain things, what their norms and values ​​are.

“This is why my relationship with Lewis has never been troubled by his rock star image.”

Source: The Telegraph

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