Toto Wolff: “The team name is always going to be Mercedes”

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Mercedes’ new global strategy includes the strengthening of ties between its F1 team and the AMG brand. Toto Wolff says this doesn’t mean the team will be rebranded.

In accordance with the strategy, Mercedes plans to increase marketing links between its Formula 1 team and its high-performance AMG brand. This will include a bigger presence of AMG logos on the team’s livery and an increased technology transfer from racing to road cars.

However Mercedes F1 team boss Toto Wolff clarifies this will not include a rebranding of the team.

“It lies in the DNA of Mercedes to race,” the Austrian explained.

“The first ever Mercedes was a race car and we build road cars and we build race cars.

“The new strategy going forward is to give the sub-brands a larger marketing platform. And it’s AMG, it’s EQ, it’s Maybach.

“I think it’s good that each of those brands get a specific touch. AMG is our high performance brand and Formula 1 cars are high performance cars.

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“The Mercedes name is not going to be dropped from Formula 1, on the contrary, it’s always going to be a Mercedes, the chassis is always going to be a Mercedes, the team name is always going to be Mercedes and we are all Mercedes people.

“But in addition to that we are also AMG. We represent AMG as a high-performance brand and we want to increase the visibility of AMG which exists today.

“There is technology transfer between the companies, but just give it more marketing exposure and showcase the technology transfer that happens between AMG and the Mercedes Formula 1 team,” concluded Wolff.

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