Toto Wolff vows to fight back: “This fight is not over”

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Toto Wolff admits the Styrian Grand Prix was “the first race in 8 years where we’re just lacking the pace”, but vows Mercedes “will be winning races” again.

After suffering a decisive loss to Red Bull at the Styrian Grand Prix, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff is looking to pick up the pieces as soon as possible, and do what’s necessary to come back stronger next week.

“The next [few] days looks like scratching our heads and trying to look at the race and see whether there is anything we could have done better in terms of setup direction,” the Austrian told Sky Sports F1.

“I think we found some clues for qualifying, is there something we could have optimised with the race pace, and obviously there’s always balance.

“Could we have optimised on race pace? I’m really looking forward to analysing and seeing if we can do a better job.”

All in all Wolf says second and third is not a bad result, but Mercedes’ decision to shift their focus on their 2022 car is making it harder for them to compete.

“Not a bad result, but what’s tough is this is the first race in 8 years where we’re just lacking the pace.

“We have stopped developing for this year because we believe the next years are so important to get right, and they keep adding bits. There are tracks coming with the aero parts and all credit to this strategy.

“You feel like their eking away at a new power unit has been consolidating their performance, so [we need to] just get our heads together to do the best out of the package that we have and it’s far from over.”

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The Austrian emphasises Mercedes is “fired up” to get back to their winning ways.

“We have just got to get our heads together to get the best out of this package. We are totally fired up.

“We were lacking pace today, there are 15 races to go. We will do the best we can, we will be on pole, we will be winning races.

“We didn’t have the tools to win today.”

In the end, Wolff says time will tell if the team’s decision to focus on 2022 was the right call.

“It’s certainly very tough because of this strategic situation that we have a completely new car next year, with a different fuel, a different engine that will be homologated and frozen.

“The car is basically a totally different concept and you need to balance these two seasons against each other.

“Time will say, in history, when you look back in five or 10 years, whether it was the right or the wrong decision, but in any case, this fight is not over,” concluded Mercedes’ team boss.

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