Toto Wolff was considering leaving Formula 1 in 2020

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Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff reveals he was considering leaving Mercedes and Formula 1 to go back into finance, during the 2020 season.

Throughout the 2020 season Toto Wolff stated on numerous occasions that he was thinking about his future with Mercedes and his overall future in Formula 1.

However, rumours about the Austrian’s departure were put to rest when Mercedes announced he will remain the team’s principal for at least three more years.

Now Wolff admits he really was considering leaving the sport altogether.

“Last year I was really beating myself up to come to a decision of whether I wanted to go back in finance and have a hedge fund or continue with my private investment company or stay in motor racing,” the Austrian told ESPN.

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“At the end motor racing won. I think it’s the sheer fact that the stopwatch never lies. You always have a benchmark.

“There are new challenges that are coming and that continue to develop the organisation and the team into the next generation.

“It’s about diversifying the business while not distracting from racing, as a company we are growing at a tremendous rate.

“So it is a fact that we are a sports franchise, only ten exist in a spectacular global sport, and with an enterprise that is Mercedes that’s going to generate $550-600 million in revenue.

“We are not a small company anymore. But still, it all comes down to the lap time.

“Always down to the stopwatch,” concluded Mercedes’ team boss.

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