Toto Wolff: “We are not making a lot of new friends”

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Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has “nothing to complain about” after his team locked out the front row at the British Grand Prix.

“Today there’s nothing to complain about, it was really good,” Wolff told Sky Sports Germany after British Grand Prix qualifying.

“We were a second away from the others. I think we have adapted to the circumstances. And it’s cooler than yesterday and that’s why this gap is bigger than yesterday.

However Wolff is wary of potential issues the car might have in tomorrow’s race.

“It was a completely different day today. And as I said, our car is much better when it’s cool.

“We always have little ‘Gremlins’ when it comes to the durability that needs to be driven as well as possible for tomorrow. The two have to get through the first few turns well, then we’ll see.”

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The Austrian is aware that the team mustn’t get complacent despite its tremendous success.

“I think when you look at sports teams and their success, when it kind of tails off and goes, that’s when you start to get complacent,” Wolff told Channel 4.

“Also that happens when you started taking things for granted or when the team dissipates. We are all aligned, have the same values and objectives, and we want to stay together. But this [success] is no guarantee for the future.

“I guess with this kind of performance we are not making a lot of new friends, so we are getting attacks from every front, everything is being questioned, and that’s another fight we need to sustain.

“But I guess you would rather have that then people having pity for you.”

Wolff was asked if Mercedes ‘dream team’ will remain intact post 2020.

“There will be a wedding between Mercedes, myself, Lewis, Valtteri – it’s a foursome basically!

“That’s what we would like to do and there is no reason why we should dissipate as of yet.”

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