Toto Wolff: “We still have to bridge the gap with Ferrari”

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Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff says Mercedes is yet to catch up to Ferrari when it comes to engine power and reliability.

Although Ferrari didn’t seem dominant during pre-season testing, Toto Wolff believes the Italian team didn’t reveal the full power of its 2020 challenger.

“The Ferrari engine was very strong last season and I think we haven’t seen the real power of Ferrari in the winter tests yet,” Wolff said.

“Only in qualifying we’ll see where everyone stands, but as always I’m always very pessimistic before.”

Additionally, during pre-season testing Mercedes suffered two power unit problems with their works team and two more with Mercedes’ customer team Williams, a fact that Wolff doesn’t take lightly.

“We still have to bridge the gap with Ferrari and make sure we have a reliable and strong engine again,” explains the Austrian.

“Honda and Renault shouldn’t be ruled out either, because everything is on a fairly even level.”


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