Toto Wolff “will have no shame” if the W14 starts looking like a Red Bull

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Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff says that even if the revamped W14 resembles a Red Bull, he doesn’t care, and he “will have no shame if it’s quick”.

Since the Bahrain Grand Prix, Mercedes has been very open about their intention to revamp the W14, and switch to a different concept.

After the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff said he doesn’t care if that means the car will look more like a Red Bull.

“We have no dogmatism of how the car should look like,” the Austrian told Sky Sports F1.

“It just needs to be the quickest possible race car, if that looks like a Red Bull… I don’t care. It just needs to be quick. I will have no shame if it’s quick.

“You can call it a Red Bull or Aston Martin concept. Even if it looks like a double-decker bus, we will still go for it to make it fast.

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“We’d even put a Red Bull sticker on it if they want us to.”

Toto also revealed Mercedes is looking at every part of the W14, not just the sidepods.

“It is all the aerodynamic surfaces that are visible from the leading edge all the way to the diffuser and the beam wing.

“There is massive amounts on the floor, obviously, with a ground effect car. And then there is many more architectural things that are necessary in order to give it the bodywork that you think is most efficient.

“So literally the car is being turned upside-down at the moment and there’s a lot of goodness that we see,” Wolff concluded.

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