Valtteri Bottas compares Mercedes and Ferrari engines

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In 2022 some observers have asserted that Ferrari might have overtaken Mercedes when it comes to their power units. Valtteri Bottas has been powered by both so he gives his comments.

Valtteri Bottas has been powered by Mercedes’ hybrid engines from 2014, when he was driving for Williams, until the end of 2021, when he left Mercedes.

In 2022 he is driving the Ferrari powered Alfa Romeo, so he is the perfect person to ask to compare the two engines.

“The energy deployment and the in-race strategy, it’s different in terms of how you manage it,” the Finn explained.

“It feels like with the Ferrari power unit, more things are done manually from the driver versus at Mercedes, there were many more automatic modes, like attacking or defending.

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“But on the Ferrari side, at least [at Alfa Romeo], there has been more manual management, more responsibility to the driver.

“I don’t mind it. It’s nice to manage the battery and stuff. Engine power, no big difference honestly. So that means they made progress from last year!

“But the drivability, to me, that’s the biggest difference. That’s a strength of Ferrari’s engine, the drivability. From corner exits, it feels like it gives more options of what gears to use and so on.

“So drivability, I would say, is the big plus on the Ferrari engine,” Bottas concluded.

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