Valtteri Bottas says Lewis Hamilton will come back “twice as strong”

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Valtteri Bottas says he ‘takes his hat off’ to Lewis Hamilton for his commitment and adds “F1 maybe means more to him than it does for the rest of us drivers at the moment”.

In a podcast hosted by Finnish journalist and presenter Oskari Saari, Valtteri Bottas was asked what he believes makes the difference in performance between him and Lewis Hamilton.

“He rarely has bad races, he’s adapts very well to every situation,” Bottas said.

“I also have to say, to me I work very hard with the team, go over everything very precisely, but Lewis, if he hears I have been at the factory two days, he goes for three days.

“If he feels uncertain about something, he does something to fix it. This year he was at the simulator almost every week, something he hasn’t done before, always going over things.

“And his commitment is something I can only take my hat off for. I believe that F1 maybe means more to him than it does for the rest of us drivers at the moment.”

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Asked why he believes that is, Valtteri said it might have to do with the experiences he had in his earlier years.

“I don’t know, that you will have to ask the man himself. But he has that fire, I don’t know if it comes from his youth, that he always has to deliver and get more and show everyone what he can do.

Bottas was then asked if he believes Lewis’ “need to deliver and succeed is higher than anyone else’s”?

“Yeah, i think the last race of this season was a good example. I saw him many days after [the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix] and the mood was still like at a funeral.

“Even when he knows it wasn’t him who lost that race and he was robbed of it, you know, it’s hard to swallow it being taken away like that.

“But you just wait and he’ll be back twice as strong as he does every time, that’s who he is,” the Finn concluded.

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