Valtteri Bottas: “What my intentions are is keeping my seat”

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Valtteri Bottas says his first priority is to keep his Mercedes seat, if not, he will “look for other options in Formula 1” and after that he is open to looking outside of F1.

There are many rumours swirling around regarding Mercedes’ second seat and Toto Wolff confirmed the team’s choice is between Valtteri Bottas and George Russell.

At the British Grand Prix Thursday press conference the Finn confirmed his first choice is to stay with Mercedes.

“First of all, I don’t like to think that way; I always try to think positive and I know what I want and I want to stay with the team – that’s the best chance for me to win races next year and fight for title,” Bottas said.

“For some reason if not, I will look for other options in Formula 1 because I love Formula 1, I enjoy it, I still think I have quite a good few years in front of me.

“And then? Never say never, I don’t know. Rally? I really enjoy it, it’s really good fun – every time I’ve been in a rally car I’ve been always smiling so it’s good fun.

“But to actually make a job out of it, it could be quite tricky; the guys are pretty competitive, they’ve done it all their life.

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“But never say never to anything. At the moment, like I said, full focus to Formula 1 and first of all, this weekend,” he concluded.

The Finn was then asked if a switch to another, maybe not so competitive team, would require a shift in mindset?

“I’m being honest and yes, for sure, it would be a different kind of mindset, it would be a new kind of chapter in my career and your mental approach should be different.

“Most likely you wouldn’t be fighting for wins and the title, at least in the beginning, so it would be a new project and on the other hand that could also be interesting.

“But as I said before what my intentions are is keeping my seat, because I think we make a really strong team now at Mercedes as we are, so let’s see,” concluded Bottas.

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