Verstappen has “no hard feelings” over Silverstone crash with Hamilton

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Max Verstappen says “it wasn’t nice what happened”, but he has “no hard feelings” over his collision with Lewis Hamilton at the 2021 British Grand Prix.

At the 2021 British Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen were involved in a collision, which led to the Dutch driver crashing into the barrier.

A lot has been made of this by Red Bull, who continued to blast eventual race-winner Lewis Hamilton and his team for celebrating their victory while Max was in the hospital.

What they always fail to mention is that Max was there for precautionary checks, and Mercedes already had word that he was unhurt.

Ahead of this year’s British Grand Prix, Verstappen was asked is there are still any lingering feelings about the incident.

“Of course, the crash wasn’t nice, but I love the track,” Verstappen told Autosport.

“I love going there. It’s [a] really good atmosphere with Formula 1, and we’re going really quick around there.

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“So I don’t have any hard feelings. And I also think very easily I can put these things aside. Of course, it wasn’t nice what happened, but at the end of the day, you deal with it.

“It wasn’t a nice impact for me personally, but we go out there again and try to win of course.”

Asked if he was worried about what kind of reception he would receive from the British crowd, he said:

“The good thing is, once we jump in the car with the helmet on, you don’t hear anything.

“And they love motorsport. I mean, it’s such a big history in England in general, right?” the Dutchman concluded.

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