Verstappen: “Maybe God is with [Hamilton], but he is not God”

© Wolfgang Wilhelm for Daimler AG

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen says he wants to “mount a challenge” to Lewis Hamilton who is “very good, but not God”.

Yesterday, at a Red Bull media event, Max Verstappen gave his opinion on his and his team’s 2020 chances.

“It’s very car-dependent of course in Formula One,” said Verstappen.

“Lewis is very good. He is definitely one of the best out there, but he’s not God. Maybe God is with him, but he is not God.

“We really want to mount a challenge to especially Mercedes and I think we can do that.

“I’m very much looking forward to it, everybody’s fired up and everybody’s very motivated. Coming off last year, at the end, we were very competitive.”

Red Bull Racing’s team boss Christian Horner echoed his star driver’s sentiment.

“Honda did such a great job, each introduction of an engine last year brought more performance and more power and it feels we’re getting very, very close now to Mercedes,” Horner said.

“That therefore puts the emphasis on the chassis side of the team… going into this year we feel better prepared, earlier, than we have certainly in the last five years.”

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