Verstappen on Hamilton: “Outside of the track we get on really well”

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Max Verstappen opens up about his relationship with his main 2021 drivers’ championship rival, Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen have battled each other on multiple occasion in the last several years, but never as closely as in 2021.

The 2021 season looks to be one of the more closely fought seasons in recent years, and it’s only natural that the battle on the track will sometimes ‘spill’ off the track too.

Although Hamilton and Verstappen exchanged a few digs in recent weeks, the Dutch driver insists their relationship off the track is very good.

“We race each other hard,” Verstappen told BBC Radio.

“And I think that’s exactly how you want it to be, isn’t it?”

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While Verstappen acknowledges the age difference between them, he says him and Hamilton “get on really well”.

“Well, you know, we are different generations. But of course. Outside of the track we get on really well.”

Asked if he believes he was better than Hamilton, the young Dutchman gave the expected answer.

“As a driver, you always have to believe that you are the best. And do I? Of course!

“You have to believe you can beat anyone out there. If you really think that’s not possible, then it’s better to stop, because it’s never going to work out.

“I can only do the best I can, you can’t do more than that. That’s what I always try to achieve every single weekend,” concluded Max.

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