Vettel explains why he crashed into Hamilton on purpose in Baku 2017

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At the 2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel crashed into Lewis Hamilton on purpose, and later accused Lewis of brake testing him. He says the incident brought them closer together.

At the 2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, during a safety car period, while driving behind Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel crashed into him accidentally.

Then he started gesticulating angrily, drew alongside Lewis and actually turned into him once again, but this time on purpose.

For this, Vettel received a 10 second stop and go penalty, but later he explained that Lewis had brake tested him in the first incident.

Now, during his appearance on F1’s Beyond the Grid podcast, Vettel explained his actions and said the incident drew them closer together.

“We get along really well,” the German said.

“And our moment was the 2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, where we had maybe what you’d call nowadays a ‘misunderstanding’.

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“I was very upset. It was one of these moments where things didn’t go my way. And I was upset, and maybe the emotional side did take over too much.

“But I think actually, that moment was a key moment because it could have made us step away from each other more, or bring us together. And it brought us together.

“I reflect and I did think about what happened, and as much as I might have felt in the moment that it is not fair, [what I did was] not right.

“I wanted to show him, I wanted to tell him, but obviously we’re wearing helmets, and it’s hard to communicate. So that was a form of communication.

“But I also did see that it was the wrong form, and it was not the right way. It wasn’t sportsmanlike and not fair, which I admitted afterwards.

“And we talked to each other and I think since that moment, we got closer to each other,” Vettel concluded.

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