VIDEO: Toto Wolff on ‘how to fuel success through adversity’

© LAT Images for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd

In Oxford University’s ‘Leadership in Extraordinary Times’ discussion Toto Wolff said Mercedes eliminates “all relics of the past, all trophies” to prevent complacency.

During the discussion Wolff was asked how Mercedes manages to sustain success after winning seven consecutive world championships.

“It is quite interesting,” the Austrian said.

“It is something that I read from a famous baseball coach: ‘Yesterday’s home run doesn’t win you today’s game’.

“That is very much true. We are trying with simple actions to forget about the success of the past few years.

“Every point goes to zero and you can build upon the organisation, but as everything starts from new, you have to earn your laurels again.

“We do this by basically eliminating all relics of the past, all trophies, everything that shows us that we have won seven consecutive championships because you cannot rely on that,” concluded Wolff.

You can watch the full discussion below.

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