What has Lewis Hamilton been doing during the F1 summer break?

Source: Lewis Hamilton’s Twitter

Formula 1 is returning next week after a short summer hiatus. Throughout the break Lewis Hamilton has kept his fans updated on what he was doing.

With the 2021 championship fight as intense as it is, there’s no doubt that Lewis has had to take some time to rest his body, mind and soul, but also to prepare for the battle ahead.

Lewis posted an Instagram story of him riding a bicycle with a speaker over his shoulder blasting some reggae. This led to his assistant and friend Angela Cullen commenting that he was “powered by Bob”, thinking that he was listening to reggae legend Bob Marley.

However, the debate in the comments section quickly blew up, as fans started pointing out that Lewis was in fact listening to Red Red Wine by British band UB40. Well, we think it’s not a problem, as Angela’s intention was what matters!

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Lewis has also been sharing videos of him building strength in his lungs, something that is definitely important after his 2020 bout with COVID-19. Especially after he seemed to winded after the Hungarian Grand Prix.

In addition Lewis has spent a lot of time in nature, and he also spent some time with his designer friend Tommy Hilfiger. Not to mention that he had some fun R&R in Monaco, where he took his one of a kind Pagani Zonda 760 LH for a spin.

Ahead of the summer break Mercedes Technical Director Mike Elliot said he believes Lewis will come back as strong as possible, and judging by what we have been seeing, we don’t doubt it for a second.

“I am sure he will come back really strong for the second half of the season,” Elliot said.

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