Windsor reveals what Adrian Newey said about Red Bull’s dip in form

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Former F1 team manager Peter Windsor reveals he asked Red Bull’s Technical Director Adrian Newey if the FIA’s ‘anti flexi wings’ directive had anything to do with the team’s sudden dip in form.

Red Bull has been completely dominating the 2023 season, however, at the Singapore Grand Prix, the Austrian team seemed to suffer a significant drop in form.

Not only was Red Bull not in contention for the race win, but they weren’t even able to fight for a podium position.

Many observers are now wondering what actually happened to Red Bull, and what does that mean for the rest of the season.

Some are even wondering if the FIA’s new technical directive introduced in Sigapore, which esentially bans the use of ‘flexi wings’, had anything to do with Red Bull’s issues.

Well, in his Singapore Grand Prix analysis video on YouTube, former Ferrari and Williams team manager Peter Windsor said he asked Red Bull’s Technical Director Adrian Newey if there was any connection between the technical directive and Red Bull’s performance.

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“[I was] chatting to Adrian Newey before the race, and ran around in the whole business of has the latest technical directive played any role in not being quick this weekend,” Windsor said.

“He looked at me like I was mad and said ‘no, of course not, it has nothing to do with that’. It’s just that he said ‘we just had a perfect storm of everything going wrong in one weekend’.”

Windsor goes on to say that by this Newey probably meant to say that Red Bull did not get the ride heights and the rising rate correct, and were not able to get the best from the seamless shift.

He then asked Newey about the seamless shift issues, and Red Bull’s technical boss said it probably had to do with “humidity in the ambiance”.

Windsor said he found this interesting and encouraged his viewers to try and explain why they think that would be.

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