Wolff answers Horner: “I am not proud of smashing headphones”

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Christian Horner recently said it was ‘very easy to pull Toto Wolff’s chain’, citing Toto’s famous smashing of headphones as proof that he ‘got to him’.

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner recently took a jab at Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff, saying that his famous smashing of headphones at the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix was proof that he ‘got to him’.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Wolff gave his comments on the viral video showing him smashing his headphones in frustration, after Max Verstappen deliberately brake tested Lewis Hamilton and caused a collision.

“I am not proud of smashing headphones,” the Austrian explains.

“But that is how I am. That is still the aggressive kid who had a really tough upbringing that comes out. I literally had to fight for feeling adequate.”

Wolff was also asked about his recent revelation that he has been in therapy since he was 18.

“You see my facade, you don’t see the dark episodes,” he explained, and added that watching his “only hero” — his father, succumb to cancer and “change personalities”, had scarred him.

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“I fall in a dark hole that I can’t get myself out [of] any more without professional help.”

Wolff also revealed how tough it was for him when he and his sister were told that they had to leave the prestigious Lycée Français de Vienne school, because his mother was unable to pay the tuition.

“I was taken out of school because the tuition fees weren’t paid. I remember sitting in class in the afternoon and [being called] to the headmaster’s office.

“I go down, Lili sits in the foyer, the headmaster said, ‘I’m sorry, you need to leave the school . . . Get your school bags.’

“Everybody stares at me . . . and then I had to walk to the tram station and . . . explain to my 10-year-old sister what just happened,” the Austrian concluded.

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