Wolff finds Red Bull’s protests over engine upgrade story “a bit weird”

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Both Christian Horner and Max Verstappen seem to get very annoyed at anyone asking questions about Red Bull’s engine receiving an upgrade.

Ahead of the French Grand Prix Honda provided Red Bull with their second engine of the season and, according to Mercedes, their straight-line speed has immediately increased.

This prompted both Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton to say that their engine appears to have received an upgrade.

This would not be problematic if it wasn’t for the rule that forbids manufacturers to upgrade their engine in 2021.

When asked if reliability fixes can help teams get more out of their engine without breaking the rules, Wolff used the opportunity to say that he finds Red Bull’s vocal protests over people asking questions about their power unit to be “a bit weird”.

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“I wonder why that is such a topic when we all know that the power units need to be homologated,” the Austrian said.

“I’m really surprised that the Red Bull guys keep protesting so loudly on the power unit story. That is a bit weird.

“The rules are very clear: it’s homologated, you can come up with reliability fixes and that’s it.

“Obviously, there’s certain things you can clean up, but you have your tokens and you need to use them and and that’s it.

“So there shouldn’t be any power advantage as such,” concluded Wolff.

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