Wolff hopes Russell and Hamilton can “disappear into the distance”

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Toto Wolff says Mercedes’ simulator had the Mexican Grand Prix marked as the team’s “best race”, and he hopes “we can stick our nose or both noses into Turn 1 and disappear into the distance”.

Mercedes had its best qualifying session of the 2022 season at the Mexican Grand Prix, with George Russell in P2 and Lewis Hamilton in P3, however, team boss Toto Wolff is careful when making predictions for the race.

“I think in all my life, there’s only a handful of occasions that I’ve been confident, and never in Formula 1, so the truth is I don’t know,” the Austrian said.

“I’m annoyed about not being on pole, because it would have ticked a box, but equally having Max with his top speed advantage behind us would have been a problem tomorrow.

“Starting second and third can be advantageous, and I hope we can stick our nose or both noses into Turn 1 and disappear into the distance. But definitely that’s going to be difficult.”

However, Toto says Mexico is definitely Mercedes’ best shot at getting a win in 2022.

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“The good thing is that in our simulations, we had [Mexico] in a way on the radar as being the best race. So that is good that it correlates, the virtual world correlates with the real world.

“The most important [thing] is that we really have the pace, and slowly but surely, we are going forward and learning the lessons for next year.

“For many years, Mexico wasn’t a good place for us because of the altitude, but [the] power unit guys have really given us a super strong engine here.

“We suffered less from our draggy car here, whilst running high downforce like all the others.

“Generally that has been better for us in the past,”

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