Wolff saying Horner and Brown were “spreading s**t” was a misquote

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Mercedes says Toto Wolff was “misquoted” when the media were translating his interview with the Osterreich newspaper.

Yesterday we published an article featuring Toto Wolff’s response to McLaren team boss Zak Brown saying that he thinks Mercedes’ 2022 driver lineup will consist of George Russell and Max Verstappen. The response was translated from German and was originally given to Austrian Osterreich newspaper.

The translation of Wolff’s response was: “Brown is like Christian Horner [Red Bull team boss], they just spread sh*t. I think Zak wanted to stick it to Christian with it.”

The response was translated in a similar way by many other publications. However, i News asked Mercedes for clarification of the comment.

“He said Zak and Christian were giving each other sh*t – not that they spread sh*t,” a Mercedes spokesperson said.

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I News went a step further and asked the Osterreich newspaper to give their take on the comment, as it seems the literal translation was creating a misunderstanding. The author of the original article said the comment in German sounds “way softer”, adding that, while the translation is accurate, it loses “much of the playfulness”.

In any case, it seems Wolff was not accusing Brown and Horner of ‘stirring the pot’ in the paddock, but actually using a bit of playful banter. For all our German speaking readers, here is the original quote, so you can voice your opinions in the comments below.

“Brown ist wie Christian Horner: die verbreiten einfach S**t. Ich glaub, Zak wollte damit dem Christian eine mitgeben. Mir ist das Wurscht.”

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