Wolff says cracks were showing between Vettel and Ferrari

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Toto Wolff says he is not surprised by Sebastian Vettel’s exit from Ferrari, but is sorry to see his “dream” come to an end.

Last week was very busy when it comes to Formula 1’s silly season. Not only did Vettel and Ferrari part ways from 2021 onward, but his seat was immediately filled by Carlos Seinz, who will leave McLaren at the end of 2020, while Daniel Ricciardo will leave Renault and take his seat.

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff says he is not surprised by Vettel and Ferrari’s announcement.

“We have a friendly relationship [with Vettel],” the Austrian told ESPN.

“I am not so surprised about his decision; I think you could see some cracks.

“He’s a great personality, has been one of the personalities of the last 10 years in Formula One, winning four titles and starting this hugely successful spell at Red Bull.

“It’s disappointing for him to see that this dream at Ferrari is being discontinued but it is what it is.”

However Wolff again states the timing of the announcement is a bit puzzling.

“How the events panned out was fast and different because one must not forget there is still a full season to race.

“And you would rarely take decisions so early in the season because be it for Daniel at Renault, or Carlos at McLaren, or Sebastian at Ferrari, these guys will race the new kit, will see all the innovation, will need to be involved in the development of the vehicle and need to play their team part also in some of the competitions.

“So, yes, these decisions came about quicker than I would have done but it’s interesting to watch, maybe there’s something to learn,” concluded Wolff.

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