Wolff says he will discuss FIA’s ‘political speech ban’ with Hamilton

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Toto Wolff says every time when FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem “has spoken to Lewis and the other way around, it has ended up in a positive conversation”.

Recently the FIA changed the rules for 2023 to put an end to what they described as ‘political and personal’ statements made by the drivers at FIA sanctioned events.

Since Lewis Hamilton has been very vocal about issues that concern him, like human rights, racial justice, diversity, the environment and more, many feel that this ban will impact him the most.

When asked about this, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff said he is yet to discuss this issue with Lewis.

“We haven’t talked about the political situation because he’s in his off-season and I think it’s important to shield yourself from F1,” the Austrian said.

“This is what I’m very much doing, helping to shield. Once he’s back, these things will certainly be discussed with a positive mindset.

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“I think we need to see how this really pans out. We understand that sports are here to not make politics, but on the contrary, unite.

“I have no doubt that Mohammed [Ben Sulayem, FIA president] and the FIA mean well to achieve the right things, it’s just about aligning that with drivers that have been more outspoken in the past.

“Every time, I know when Mohammed has spoken to Lewis and the other way around, it has ended up in a positive conversation.

“So I have no doubt that once people sit at the table together, things will not appear as harsh as when they are being written down in the off-season,” Wolff concluded.

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