Wolff says Horner controversy brought him and Marko closer together

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Toto Wolff says he and Helmut Marko “have come to the conclusion” that they “think the same way” amid the Christian Horner’s ‘inappropriate behaviour’ controversy.

Red Bull has been embroiled in controversy ever since a female employee accused team boss Christian Horner of alleged ‘inappropriate behaviour’.

The situation revealed what appears to be an internal battle within Red Bull between Horner and the team’s advisor Dr Helmut Marko.

It was also revealed that Max Verstappen’s contract is tied to that of Marko’s, which means if the Austrian walked out from the team, Max would also be free to get out of his contract.

At the same time, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has been very vocal about his interest in hiring Verstappen as replacement for Lewis Hamilton, who will leave the team and the end of 2024.

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Now, in an interview with OE24, Wolff reveals that the Red Bull crisis has brought him and Marko closer together.

“We have become much closer now,” Wolff said.

“Despite the rivalry, there are common values we stand for. After all the things that have happened in recent months, we have come to the conclusion that we think the same way.”

Upon hearing this Marko said:

“The tensions that were there in recent years are gone.

“I heard somewhere that we are now blood brothers, but that is clearly an exaggeration,” je joked.

Wolff also said he could see Marko at Mercedes in a role similar to that of Niki Lauda’s in the past. When this was put to Marko, the Austrian said:

“That’s nice. But that’s all so far away. Our goal now is to get peace in the team and win the World Championship.

“Which will be hard enough,” Marko concluded.

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