Wolff thinks rivals are using ‘flexi-floors’, Horner calls if “rubbish”

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Toto Wolff says he believes some of Mercedes’ rivals have been using illegal ‘flexi-floors’ to prevent bouncing, while Christian Horner calls it “total rubbish”.

Ever since it came out that the FIA has noticed that some teams were using illegal floor flexing to decrease the bouncing of their car, rumours started swirling around that those teams were Red Bull and Ferrari.

One thing is for certain, this won’t be allowed anymore after the FIA’s Technical Directive aimed at reducing bouncing is introduced. However, its introduction has again been pushed back until the Belgian Grand Prix.

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff says he would have liked the TD to be introduced immediately.

“I would have liked it to happen immediately,” the Austrian said.

“Because it can have a performance impact. And so now it’s fine, you just need to say well, that’s it.”

Wolff then told Sky Sports that he believes some teams have been using ‘flexi-floors’.

“I think so. I haven’t been able to squeeze the skids of certain teams. We’re looking at our competitors.

“And probably, I would have wished that the TD comes in a little bit earlier, but it is what it is.

“So in Spa we won’t see that anymore,” Wolff concluded.

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Red Bull team boss Christian Horner said that the TD’s primary focus is to prevent vertical oscillation of the cars, and not to monitor the flexing of the floors.

“The technical directive is obviously focused on the bouncing and the porpoising which certain cars have struggled with,” Horner told Sky Sports F1.

“I think it’s due for further discussion in the [F1’s Technical Advisory Committee], which is the correct forum for it.

“Obviously we saw at Silverstone, no cars were really affected by it. The argument being, is it the duty of the competitor to make sure their car is safe, or is it the duty of the FIA to ensure that the competitor runs their car safely?”

As for Wolff’s suggestion that some teams have been using ‘flexi-floors’, Horner said:

“That’s total rubbish. Total rubbish. I think we’re getting issues mixed up here. Maybe he’s referring to, I don’t know, cars that are around him at the moment.

“I have no idea, but I have absolutely no issues or concerns on our floor,” the Briton concluded.

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