CAROL’S CORNER: ‘Cheap shots’ at Lewis Hamilton reveal fear and envy

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By Carol M. Creasey

After Lewis Hamilton got lapped by Max Verstappen at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, Helmut Marko of Red Bull was quick to stick the knife in. Even knowing that the Mercedes team are struggling this year to deliver a competitive car to their rivals, he remarked that maybe Sir Lewis should have retired last year.

However, Johnny Herbert was very quick to call him out on it. In his Sky Sports appearance he accused Marko of delivering a cheap shot at the seven-time world champion, saying this was typical of Marko and Red Bull, and totally uncalled for. He then went on to point out that last year, with an inferior car, Lewis managed to say within touching distance of Verstappen in the points, and then when Mercedes had a better understanding of their car, he was on fire in the last four races. He also pointed out the unjust way in which he lost the 2021 title, as in Abu Dhabi Verstappen was completely outraced, and managed to “win” his first championship only after the safety car rules were changed in his favour by the race director.

Herbert also pointed out how much Red Bull would love to have Lewis in their team because he is the biggest threat of all to them. He hoped that very soon Mercedes would be able to sort out their problems, because once they do, Sir Lewis will be so fired up to fight against everyone else.

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I want to thank Johnny for his complete honesty, for saying it how it is. Some pundits, even though they should always be unbiased, are jeering at Lewis – people like Paul Di Resta, who could not contain his delight when Verstappen lapped the Briton. When Lewis gets a car to fight with, he will have the last laugh on all these envious spiteful people. He may be having a blip at the moment, but his record precedes him, a seven-time world champion, and a knight of the realm.

Michael Schumacher also had seven world championships, and at the age of 42 he returned to try and raise the profile of Mercedes, but it didn’t work. The team wasn’t ready and even Michael would probably admit he was past his best. Lewis, however, is not past his best, and when Mercedes gets a competitive car, he will prove it. It’s pathetic the way people kick a man when he’s down, but this man won’t be down for long because their negativity, which has its roots in fear or envy, only spurs him on. He who laughs last, laughs loudest.

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