CAROL’S CORNER: If you want the truth, go to Toto Wolff!

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By Carol M. Creasey

During the last few months the Press have had a field day at the expense of Sir Lewis Hamilton. There were so many fairy stories circulating about him and his contract, fans just didn’t know what to believe.

Even now, after the contract has been signed, the Press have made up their minds that George Russell and Max Verstappen will be in Mercedes’ cars in 2022. One has to wonder how the cars would survive to the end of the season in such enthusiastic and immature hands.

Toto Wolff and Mercedes, as well as being by far the best team with the best car, are also supportive and loyal to their drivers. They would not just eject a driver midway through a season because they are going through a difficult patch. They would support him and help him to improve.

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Here are several reasons that demonstrate Toto’s loyalty to Sir Lewis and Valtteri Bottas.

  1. He has continually refuted the claim that Lewis’ success is “only because he is in the best car”, citing Turkey as an example of his superior driving skills.
  2. He has denied that Sir Lewis wanted team-mate selection veto power in his new contract, to supposedly exclude Max Verstappen from contention.
  3. He has denied that there were any outlandish demands from Sir Lewis regarding his salary.
  4. After George Russell’s outing in the car, the Press were quick to suggest he should replace Bottas in 2021, and Toto reminded them that was not in the cards. Valtteri would remain in the car, as they have a loyalty to him having already signed a contract.
  5. When asked about Mercedes’ 2022 driver lineup, he said the first conversations would be with Sir Lewis and Valtteri, before anyone else would even be considered for a seat.
  6. On numerous occasions that the Press and former drivers have tried to put Verstappen in a Mercedes, Toto has reminded them that Max has a contract with Red Bull, which he wouldn’t dream of interfering with.
  7. Finally, Toto has shot down rumours regarding the reasons for Lewis Hamilton’s one-year Mercedes deal. The team would have him all the while he is keen to drive, because quite simply he is head and shoulders above anyone else, and has helped hugely with the development of the car. He has stated that Lewis needs to decide during the coming year whether he still wants to be in the car, and those words have also been reiterated by Lewis’ father Anthony. These two men probably know Sir Lewis better than anyone else.

You would think this would be enough to stop the rumours, but these days the Press are saying that Mercedes only wanted a one-year deal, and another ex driver, who admits he cannot go into Sir Lewis’ head, has speculated that ‘they have given in to Sir Lewis’ salary demands for this year, and then they will have to see if they can afford him next year’.

I would suggest the next time the Press want to print a story about Sir Lewis, they should go to the man who knows, Toto Wolff, the man who tells the truth. Because right now they are becoming a laughing stock, and nobody believes a word they say.

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