CAROL’S CORNER: Sir Lewis Hamilton is owed an apology!

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By Carol M. Creasey

Today, 8th February 2021 Sir Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff signed a contract to continue together for the 2021 season.

There is no update as to whether Sir Lewis will continue driving after that, but as Mercedes have become partners in his diversity programme, it is clear their business relationship will continue.

Whilst the fans were waiting for the official announcement, several ex drivers and pundits took it upon themselves to judge Sir Lewis by their own standards. And they were joined by the press who made vitriolic comments, and I am calling them out for doing it!

Toto has refuted the claim that Sir Lewis wanted a clause preventing Max Verstappen from being his team-mate, and also denied that they had ever argued about additional financial demands of Sir Lewis. Pundits continuously stated they “would show Lewis the door for being so greedy over money“, if it was their team, and accused him of thinking he was bigger than Formula One. Sir Lewis has always proved himself to be very humble over everything he has achieved, so what gives these people the right to judge him?

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In his earlier life, Sir Lewis endured bullying and this is why he is keen to make a difference in the world, especially when it comes to racial justice. I am not suggesting that the comments had anything to do with race, but I think it’s about time that certain people stopped jumping to conclusions and making up fantastic stories to try and belittle his character, just because they don’t know what’s really going on.

It’s about time these people apologised to Sir Lewis for misjudging him, although I doubt very much that will happen. Toto has stated they will be discussing the future from 2022 onwards next summer, so I am sure all the fantastic stories will start up again.

The Press are keen to throw up names of other drivers as potential successors to Sir Lewis’ seat, without even knowing the facts. Heaven help whoever follows when he leaves, because they have big shoes to fill… But at least Sir Lewis will be free from all that pressure at last.

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