CAROL’S CORNER: Your jealousy towards Sir Lewis is obvious, Alonso

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By Carol M. Creasey

Fernando Alonso earned the respect of many people in the past by winning double world titles, but right now he seems to be doing his best to verbally attack Lewis Hamilton. In the past he has shown him respect, even saying what an outstanding champion he is – and not just because of the car.

So one has to wonder why he suddenly has made a U turn. If someone makes it clear they have a poor pinion of another driver, at least one knows where you stand with them, but Alonso runs with the hares, and hunts with the hounds, which in my book makes him incredibly two-faced.

During the Hungarian Grand Prix he took great delight in holding up the Briton for several laps, to stop him from winning, and then boasted profusely about it. One could have commended him for it if he had done it solely to help his team mate Estaban Occon win, but no, he announced proudly that he also did it for Max Verstappen. The only reason he did it for him, was to stop Sir Lewis from winning the championship, but it will take more than a jealous veteran driver to stop the Briton from achieving his eighth championship this year.

His next stab at Sir Lewis was to say that because he is a Briton everyone favours him to win, but that is as far from the truth as one can get. Sky Sports commentators all want Verstappen to win, their bias is so obvious, especially Paul di Resta, who makes no attempt to hide his bias.

Even David Coulthard and Mark Webber on Channel 4 are rooting for a Red Bull victory, it’s the team they both drove in, so to say that people always favour the Briton is completely untrue.

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One has to question why, at the age of forty, Alonso has even bothered to return to Formula One and drive for an inferior team. It seems that now that Sir Lewis has amassed himself seven world championships, it’s more than the veteran driver can bear, and he can’t forgive him for matching him in 2007, whilst he was in his rookie year. Then he had the cheek to go and win his first title in 2008, with not the fastest car, as was proved because McLaren didn’t win the constructors’ championship that year, Ferrari did.

Whilst Sir Lewis made good choices by leaving McLaren and joining Mercedes, then helped them develop their car so he could win multiple championships, Alonso went back to McLaren, which was struggling, and then spent the next few years floundering around at the back of the field.

Now Alonso is back and he speaks with a forked tongue, but the army of Sir Lewis fans will not allow him to denigrate our champion. If Alonso thinks now that Red Bull and Horner have victimised the Briton, that he can jump on the bandwagon, he can think again. Put your money where your mouth is Alonso, because Sir Lewis will do just fine without your support, but Verstappen will need it.

Sir Lewis has suffered mental abuse all his life, and it has made him even stronger, so your words will only fuel him to go faster. Just get on and drive Alonso, if you still can, and put your money where your mouth is.

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