GUEST COLUMN: Arise Sir Lewis Hamilton, Champion of the World!

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By Carol M. Creasey

Ever since Lewis Hamilton came into Formula One, he has been a force to be reckoned with. In 2007, his rookie year, he missed taking the championship by a mere one point.

He rectified that in 2008 by winning the title BY only one point (but a very hard fought one at that). Can anyone forget that race in Brazil when he rounded the last corner and overtook Timo Glock to get the place he needed to clinch the title?

At the end of 2012 he made a life changing decision to leave McLaren and go to Mercedes. Many people scoffed at that, but Lewis and his team, led by the very professional and dedicated Toto Wolff, have since achieved such greatness together.

Some people say that Lewis won so many races only because he is in the fastest car. On the surface it might seem like a plausible argument, but actually it’s not. You can be in the fastest car, but if you don’t learn how to overtake skilfully, without taking yourself and/or your opponent out of the race, you may still not win the race.

Likewise, if you don’t learn to understand your car and how the tyres work (when it’s hot keeping them cool and when it’s cold warming them up) you will not be able to extract enough performance to win the race.

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Over the years Lewis has learned to be one with his car, he has worked hard with his engineers to get the best out of it. Being fast is only part of the reason why he is so good, taking care of the car is another, as is working with his team to be the very best that he can be.

Lewis has also done great work off the track. He supports numerous charities, he tries to do his bit to save the planet and, recently, after the death of George Floyd he has added his voice to many others of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Despite all this, Lewis Hamilton is yet to be knighted. Obviously Lewis’ fans feel he deserves the honour, but they are not alone in their views. Former driver and now pundit, David Coulthard, has questioned why it hasn’t happened yet, as did Martin Brundle. Lord Peter Hain repeatedly asked questions about this, he even wrote a letter to Downing Street last year and will be writing another one this year.

Lewis has earned his place in the record books, he is noted for being a clean driver, his story of being a young black boy from a council house who reached unimaginable heights is such an inspiring one, and his gratitude to his father and his team shows just how humble and incredibly grounded he is to this day.

So come on Powers That Be, what are you waiting for?

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